Legal Status

Young Action for Mass, YAM India is a registered Non profit; Rights based voluntary organization based at Dhanbad , Deoghar, Jharkhand

Young Action for Mass, YAM India is a registered under Society registration act 21/1860. Society Registration Number- 337680052 / 1995-96 Jharkhand dated 28th December 2004-05. YAM India is also registered under F.C.R.A . The F.C.R.A. no is : 337680052, dated 1st Sept. 2005. The PAN No of YAM India is – AAAAY0418R . The TAN No. is RC HY 00014A.IT (12A) vide CIT/DHN/TECH/12A-14/2002-2003/5146-98, dated 28th /31st March 2003.

IT (12A) vide CIT/DHN/TECH/12AB(1)(a)-07/04/2002 – AAAAY0418RE20031/01/04/2022.

The contribution to YAM India is tax exempted under income tax act, 80-G vide CIT/DHN/TECH/12A-02-03/5146-98dated 19th / 27th Sept,2007/2300

880-G(5) vide CIT/DHN/TECH/ (1)(a)-07/04/2002 – AAAAY0418RF20021/01/04/2022.

Where we work


Young Action for Mass has been implementing transformational development projects in India’s two of the most backward states i.e. UP, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Bihar & Jharkhand. The districts covered under projects are



How We Work


We work directly with Child Parliament’s, Women Self Help Groups, Mata Samiti, Village Education Committee, Parent Teachers Association, Distrcit Positive Network and People living with HIV/AIDS, Drug Addicted Youths , Differently abled people, Family counseling center, education, health and NRM, Safai Mitra Association, Gram Sabha, Women federation at cluster as well as Block level, Network of women under TDH-BMZ- TERE DESS HOMES-GERMANY, Network of local NGO of Santhal Pargana Level,- Network of local NGO for Regional basis at National/International.



Target group


Adults , Youths ,Children and women belonging to tribal and marginalized groups. In Jharkhand & Bihar districts, YAM India has been working with 113,500 children,99 3000 women and 2500 households in 250 selected villages. YAM India has been implementing area development program in these areas.



Organizational strengths


The organization, Yam India having a Team of 27 members called Management Team consisting of experts of different faculty and different training support group., is engaged in social services, since last 15 years. The valuable experiences gained & retained by organization, during these years, have helped to develop multi-dimensional expertise, from managerial level to grass root level. At grass root level, a strong team of 15 Members are carrying the transformational development activity.

Drug De-Addiction Centre, DDAC-DHANBAD

If you’re worried that someone you know has an alcohol and drug addiction, it’s best to approach them in a supportive way. Avoid shaming them or making them feel guilty. This could push them away and make them more resistant to your help.